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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  September 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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>> al: next week, to baltimore we go. it's new england visiting the ravens. "football night in america" starts at 7:00 eastern time. after the afc championship game last season. we're at candlestick park. 9:16 left in regulation after the fourth hanson field goal. this kickoff is taken at the goal line by kendall hunter, up to the 21 yard line he goes. and last year in that championship game, winners of the super bowl. flacco throws to evans in the end zone but couldn't make the catch. billionly cundiff is wide left on what have sent the game into overtime. bill belichick, bob kraft
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celebrating the afc championship. big game now because both teams lost today, 1-1 excruciating losses. >> cris: i remember how well joe flacco played in that game and probably statistically outplayed tom braied ady and have to do i again if they want to knock them off. >> al: gore to the outside and levy says, you're not going anywhere. >> cris: deandre levy is a young man that gunther cunningham, their defensive coordinator, says is their best linebacker right now. doesn't get a lot of attention. former third round draft pick. watch him shooting up here. this is about the second or third time we have seen his speed being a factor and making plays around the line of scrimmage. they have guys that can play defense on this team. they need a touchdown out of their offense now. >> al: second down.
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8:30 to go. smith will throw. and that is caught at the 24 yard line by vernon davis. stephen tulloch back in the game making the catch. so it will be third down and seven. the niners, have nothing else, would like to begin to take some time off the clock right now. >> cris: but better not get too conservati conservative. we have seen what the lions offense can do over the years. they haven't done it in this one yet, but they are capable of scoring enough points to win. they were in this situation last week and came back and won. >> al: under eight minutes to go on third down and seven at the 24 yard line. and a pass to the outside is caught and crabtree is out of bounds at the 31 yard line. the niners will have to wait and see where they spot this. it's going to be very close to a first down. and it is as they get the spot
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they were looking for and move the chains. >> cris: great job by crabtree. at the end of this play, makes the catch and watch him push the ball forward a little bit by getting his body turned. it looked like it was just enough to get it over the first down marker. >> al: halfway through the quarter. gore. huh-uh. it's levy again. replay of the first down play on the last series. >> cris: a lot of big guys in the game. deandre levy coming through and making a play once again. they have defensive linemen and tight ends and extra linemen. levy didn't care. he shot through the gap and made the play and almost forces the 49ers and alex smith to think about throwing the ball here. you have a wham pass or some play action off of it, it might
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be a decent time. >> al: four-yard loss. second and 14. and tip. trying to throw t to the flat to gore. it didn't result in much anyway. in all likelihood, sammie hill put the pressure on. third down and 14 for the 49ers. >> cris: interesting how many times you watch the detroit lions and they don't look that great. you think, oh, boy. what is going on? and then in the fourth quarter, the defense comes to life and they need a play right here. you can feel a little moment shift with gunther cunningham's squad, if they can make a play right now. >> al: they have to get to the 42 for a first down. and that is crabtree and he will get to the 43 yard line! he needed 14. he got 15. gore helped spring them.
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first down. >> cris: frank gore lined up in the backfield and circle out. watch the block he makes on the tail end of this play. crabtree makes the catch and then it's gore that up-ends the defender standing there thinking he was about to make that tackle. good catch by crabtree too. we talked about how great his hands are. two times now he has been able to convert and keep this drive alive. >> al: a good screen block at the end. from the 43. using up the clock. under six to play. swing it out to gore. gore turns it back up field with a nifty move and all the way to the detroit 41 yard line! breaking away from justin durant. >> cris: when you have great athletes, you get them in space and you let them do their thing. frank gore this time just going to make this catch on the flare-out. nothing else.
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durant has got him one-on-one. there he goes. see if you can tackle him. not many people can. >> al: hunter back in, with miller at fullback. give it to hunter. can't go anywhere. stopped with no gain. clock under five minutes now. >> cris: it was interesting talking to alex smith about just having jim harbaugh, have a former quarterback in the national football league that every day is working on every detail, taking the snap of dropping back, how he calls the plays in the huddle. every little detail. but this is the first time in his career he's had the same offense in back-to-back seasons and you can see the growth. you can see the difference it's made.
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>> al: second and ten. he can run. he proves it right here. flag is thrown as well at the 22 yard line. delanie walker may have been holding. and smith is slow in getting up. a bloody nose. bridge of the nose anyway. >> referee: holding, number 46 on the offense. ten yards from the spot of the foul. second down. >> al: walker spholding spievey >> cris: the grabbed the vaejer. they see that tug of the jersey, that's what you're going to get. too bad because that was alex smith. that's the way he used to play in college. tee one right to the chops there, didn't he?
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>> al: uh-huh. his nose is bloodied. wendling. >> cris: and a forearm to the helmet. that easily could have been called. >> al: ball is moved back to the 42 yard line. they will give it to gore. he gets pummeled as he reaches the line of scrimmage. that is durant making the setting up a very big third and nine. >> cris: justin durant a little payback for the open-field mistackle on frank gore. that time, he came down hard and met frank gorp in the backfield. nice tackle right there. this has just been one of those ugly, gritty, kind of defensive games. 3:30. third and nine. pass is caught. crabtree and another big first down! lunging for it as he did on the
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sideline before. so crabtree coming up huge on this drive with a blood streaming down the nose of smith. >> cris: not exactly willis reed but it looks pretty good out there what alex smith is doing! . not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's meaty, melty mcdouble with 100% beef and cheese. and the juicy mcchicken. just some of the irresistible choices on the dollar menu. only at mcdonald's. oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs.
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>> al: the two jim's having at it again. first and then thanks to michael crabtree. the 49ers on this drive third and seven, third and 14, third and nine and convert each of them on passes to crabtree. number one draft choice of the 49ers back in '09, out of texas tech. the ball at the 31 yard line at the start. look at this run. eight-yard run by hunter before he gets tackled by ashlee palmer. and really putting detroit in a box right now. you can see the consternation exhibited by schwartz. they have to take another time-out. .
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